Engaging Women in Documentary Filmmaking

Promoting acceptance,tolerance, peace,Diversity & Interfaith Harmony

Highlighting Voices • Breaking Boundaries

Training on Film, Journalism & Development.

We Envision A Violence Free Society

Striving to eliminate violence extremism factors from communities

MAP Believes in Commitment

Giving Back to the Community.

We Envision Freedom of Thought

We try to be an exceptional work place where people are inspired to express ideas.


Enhance Capacity

of community based social activists, photo-journalists, and filmmakers through training workshops, networking events, providing platforms and access to practical tools.

Build Successful Partnerships

with partner, clients, beneficiaries and sister organizations through sharing of ideas, combining work force, enhancing capabilities and utilizing expertise for mutual growth.

Highlight Voices

of marginalized communities and showcasing their journeys through research based documentaries, practical web-shows, awareness campaigns and digital story telling.

Go Beyond

conventional ideas and approaches to discover new possibilities and innovate flourishing practical, long lasting and positive change through the society we work within.

  • Campaigning
  • Training
  • Production
  • Community Engagement

Documentary Film-making

We have highlighted various community based stories based on positive reinforcement through over 50 Documentaries available for public viewing digitally.

Media & Information Literacy

Information Literacy is a guide for community empowerment; we believe in aiding communities identify fake news to overcome fear & to adapt rational behaviors.

Citizen Journalism

Every program & project we conduct hosts an element of citizen journalism and learning information literacy; We believe on-ground journalists are most authentic.

Publication & Merchandising

We have published quite a few interesting material; Little Master Comic for pandemic awareness within Children to understand the aftereffects of covid-19 being the latest.

Become Part of Our Team

  • Team Mehrdar Art & Production is constantly on the look for project teams, that will engage with them to work with communities through information literacy.
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Become Our Consultant

Project Based
  • Experts Help Up establish programs, content and generate ideas that are mutually beneficial for the communities we work for and our organization.
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