Hyderi Mobile Library

“Afiya is running a mobile library for the fishermen community of Ibrahim Hyderi. She also does story telling sessions for the neighborhood children who cannot read. It’s people like these that keeps me hopeful,”

tweeted the prominent social media analyst, Junaid Akram on Thursday December 20.

It takes extreme creativity to come up with a unique and significant notion of engaging people in an activity direly needed but shunned for eons. Yes, truly speaking, shanty slums of Karachi are deprived of basic necessities related to education and child engagements in particular. In such a mess, some ray of hope leave a great impact on the lives of the sufferers. The sun of hope shone the day when Azme Naujawan located its abode into Ibrahim Hyderi a year ago. Azme Naujawan now needs no introduction for the youth of Lyari, Korangi, Baldia, Mauripur, and Ibrahim Hyderi.

Azme Naujawan has a vivid notion of providing youth with a purposeful reasoning to lead a better life. This program has thoroughly built the capacities of thousands of students in the areas where exposure for youth lacks to a great extent. Afiya Abbasi is one such example of an empowered girl from Hyderi who intensely felt the need for a library in the vicinity. She proposed the idea of a portable library and named it as ‘Thela cart Library’ which could go to the children bereft of reading facilities.

The initial idea was to promote reading culture among students of primary level. To get students familiar with the word ‘Library’, Afiya and her team brought a musty cart; colored it, painted on it, and decorated it with placards with the help of Qaisar Baloch who is a social activist from Hyderi.

“This library is more than just books; it is the only place where individuals gather to explore, to interact, and to imagine. In a time when education is unaffordable, public libraries provide information and opportunities to learn and engage,”

remarked Afiya.

It would be unjust if the effort behind the accomplishment of the idea is not undertaken. To this account, Mehrdar Art and Production deserves a hunky-dory applause for supporting the idea and helping it to be executed in a befitting manner. “MAP not only supported the cause but also donated worth-reading books to the Thela Library,” said Afiya.
This development was part of the Social Action Project followed by a series of trainings rendered under Azme Naujawan initiative. Social Action Projects are meant to identify an issue within the community, to sensitize, to lobby, and then to campaign for bringing the issue into the mainstream. Mainstreaming the issue helps community to take personal consideration for which the entire program of AeN has been designed.

A part from community, political maestros from Ibrahim Hyderi also could not give this a cold shoulder and leaned forward to ensure their full support. MPA from Hyderi Mr Alam Jamot inaugurated what eventually transformed from Thela cart to a physical library.

“The cart library attracted a great many responses from youth, children, and community people imploring us to enlarge its canvas,”

claimed Afiya.

Awaaz Development Community Organization has stepped ahead and offered an empty space to relocate book to the shelves from the cart. The AeN aspirants took this opportunity as a welcoming gesture form the community stakeholders and shifted all books and some other donated by Pakistan Fisher folk Forum to the newly inaugurated library named ‘Awaaz-e-Naujawan (Voice of Youth)’. Junaid Akram was invited to mark the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony along with MPA Alam Jamot. Beside this, Nazeer Ahmed Bhutto, a district council member awarded an appreciation amount of Rs 10,000 to the promising participants for the freshly established library.

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