Stories Of Sindh

Another achievement on the plate of Mehrdar Art and production came when in 2020, a Documentary training in Northern Sindh started by the name of “Stories of Sindh” promoting cultural heritage and integrating peace, media literacy, resilience and community togetherness through it. The concept was an amalgamation of Haal Hawaal and Key principles of Lyari Film and Photography school.

Northern Sindh is renowned for its extreme poverty and pressing issues. One key factor is lack of access to information, limited media literacy and little to no internet facility. Mehrdar Art & Production decided to target 3 cities of Northern Sindh; Khairpur, Shikarpur and Jacobabad – to produce 75 Documentary Film Makers through training on media & information literacy, providing access to Information and communication tools, and equipment and resources required to document local stories.

As a result inspiring communities within these areas to develop their interest within research based practical information through 15 documentaries, screened through all 3 cities. However the global pandemic that has taken on the world by storm put the training to a halt. We hopefully will be continuing this project once public gatherings are permitted.