Little Master

The story is about a community facing the adverse effects of covid-19 and the disasters caused due to the spread of misinformation and fake news about the pandemic within the community. The focus of the story is a young boy Ahmed who is famously known by little master within the community as he focusses on observing and learning before coming to resolutions. The story focuses on a little master’s journey on developing an understanding of the pandemic and trying to spread awareness on following SoPs, countering extreme narratives spread due to the pandemic, and trying to maintain peace within different socio-economic classes, cultures, belief systems and casts living within the community.

Little Master is an initiative to make the children of today understand the drastic after-effects of covid-19 and to develop an understanding, compassionate and resilient world of the future. It embeds 6 stories focusing on understanding diseases, countering misinformation about them, building community coherence and guiding youngsters in taking responsibility of establishing peace and unity within their communities.

Team Mehrdar Art & Production aims to print 10,000 copies of this 6-chapter comic book to distribute among different schools in order to reach out to young children and students to learn and develop an understanding of pandemics and epidemics. Furthermore to inspire them in developing the correct attitude to maintain during tough times to help contain not only the spread of the pandemic but also fight with depression, anxiety and stress within the community. Finally to encourage young students to become resilient and promote peace within their communities by becoming active and responsible citizens.