Hum Sub Saath

Hum Sub Saath is a program and campaign that seeks to engage youth activists from Community Resilience Areas of Ibrahim Hydri and Lyari to promote peace narratives through on-ground as well as online engagement activities and facilitate the district government of Karachi to address the current health crisis.

This activity, consequently, looks to deliver objectives of increased support for positive modes of civic action and social responsibility amongst targeted communities. The activity is linked to increasing broad-based citizen engagement in community decision making by empowering youth and increasing their relevance in a community, particularly through concentrated efforts at linking their social action with community stakeholders and decision-makers.

While the youth will be taking social action in promoting positive reinforcement and emphasize on communities to demonstrate resilience as a community in the tough times, the organization seeks to further the reach by an online campaign, where various relevant and active community stakeholders will be engaged in talking about the effects of the virus within marginalized communities, while also inspiring community members to take required action and understand the larger dynamic for the uplifting of our beloved country, Pakistan.

The entire process is dedicated to uplift communities through public service messages in the form of videos by community influential public figures, peace posters, and graphics that highlight on ground community needs during the covid-19 timeframe and aid in providing solutions to help them understand, develop, and manage the ongoing crisis while adapting peace as an alternative.

We firmly believe in these tough times:

“ہاتھوں کے ساتھ ساتھ ذہن صاف هونا بهی اہم هے”

(Along with cleaning our hands, it is also important to keep our minds clean).