Hum Apas Main

Due to the past achievements of success on Media and Information Literacy, Mehrdar Art & Production in a collaborative effort with Khayaal Studios further branched out in exploring positive reinforcement, disregarding misinformation and rumors, furthermore putting a halt to disinformation spreading like Chinese whisper within lower income communities of Karachi, through a web series by the name of “Hum Apas Mai”.

The series aimed to mirror Karachi’s versatility and the problems that come with it. Residents of the city have been conditioned to discriminate on the basis of religion, sect, and language due to the negative influences of media and rapid spread of disinformation over decades.

As people from all over the country pour in for a better lifestyle in Karachi, the series demonstrated events that follow among people from different cultures, cast, religions, sects and gender classes in the same apartment building, the problems they face with each other, the stereotypes that follow, the perceptions, beliefs and attitudes shaped over the information they have received over a period of years and how they’re able to eventually accept and own each other by facing common issues and threats.

The web-series were also screened within 12 communities of Karachi, which yielded people accepting that these issues persist within their communities and though it was mentioned humorously, are very serious issues that community members should work on in unity.