Green Sindh Initiative

Pakistan had not have enough rain in two years, due to the shortage of plantation and cutting of trees. This has affected the ecological system of various areas of Pakistan, especially Karachi, which over the period of years has become a concrete jungle of high risers. Many smaller communities are affected by this change and do not even realize why they go through the trouble.

Since August 14, is the national independence day, everyone holds a higher patriotic spirit that day, and is highly concerned about the country and its people on that particular day. Hence this became the perfect day to gather the community, plant trees and make them responsible for the environment they live in.

A research suggested, that a better environment constitutes to a better mood, cuts down frustration and detoxes people, giving a rise within compassion and kindness.

This and the patriotism spirit is what Mehrdar Art & Production used on August 14, 2019, as they collaborated with DES Pakistan, Forest Department, MF Grammar School and UC Chairman of Ali Akbar Shah Goth, Rafiq Baloch to start a campaign “Plant a Living Flag” in Ibarhim Hyderi.