Azme Naujawan

In 2017, Mehrdar Art & Production joined hands in a multi organization program in partnership with DAI and US Aid, by the name of Azme Naujawan. The organization branched out to new communities with a primary Youth Center in Ibrahim Hyderi. The program involved training local community youth in principles of Social Responsibility, Media Literacy, Community Leadership, Innovative Ideas, Political & Democratic Structures, Campaigning, Campaigning Tools and Civic Action.

The mediums used were not only interpersonal skills training but also training in Visual Art, Music, Theater and Global Culture. After the entire training module of 52 hours is complete, the youth are then given the task to execute social action projects to uplift and contribute to their communities. Azme Naujawan in 3 years of its working has established 7 community center in 6 districts of Karachi, facilitating more than 5170 youth producing 1034 social action projects and campaigns.

Mehrdar Art & Production is the only organization from the entire consortium to produce 72 result oriented social action projects and sustain 12 of them in 3 years to be successfully converted into CBOs. These projects range from education and awareness to media and information literacy to visual arts.

Mehrdar Art and Production was also responsible for highlighting many of these stories through documentaries all over Karachi – and in the process have also managed to formulate 2 direct youth committees in Nawabad, Lyari and Ibrahim Hyderi.