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Lyari Film & Photography School

Lyari Film & Photography School was a major success of Mehrdar Art & Production. It was the project where the journey of the organization began. Understanding the need of the local community being more inclined towards media entertainment and film, Mehrdar Art & Production Partnered with the Local Government, Karachi Youth Initiative and ZAHARSSS Production to open up this school…


A further effort was put within the working on media and information literacy for the community of Lyari by starting a six month project with support of Karachi Youth Initiative (KYI) named “Haal Hawaal”. This Program aspired increased opportunities and incentives to engage young and creative people from Lyari for social benefit and benign behaviors. The core idea was again…

Stories Of Sindh

Another achievement on the plate of Mehrdar Art and production came when in 2020, a Documentary training in Northern Sindh started by the name of “Stories of Sindh” promoting cultural heritage and integrating peace, media literacy, resilience and community togetherness through it. The concept was an amalgamation of Haal Hawaal and Key principles of Lyari Film and Photography school. Northern…