Project Officer

1 year ago
Ibrahim Hyderi, Machar Colony, Nawabad
Full Time
  • LOE: 50%

Job Description

  • Undertake logistical and operational arrangements for the activity.
  • Ensuring that all on-ground activities are conducted.
  • Ensuring community engagement and outreach for the activity.
  • Providing all relevant operational support to the Project Coordinator
  • To Ensure project deliverables are met as per guideline and assist Project Coordinator in meeting program goals.
  • Attend and actively participate in Trainings, which will be conducted to ensure the quality of content being delivered.
  • Assist to Project Coordinator in leading the program.
  • Engage with the community, dealing and dialogue with community stakeholder.
  • Ensuring the timeline of all the deliverables and envisioning all the activities.
  • Responsible for timely delivery of the activities.
  • Create planners for monthly training sessions with trainers with reference to “Trainers Resource Material” which will be provided.
  • Support Training Team in covering and conducting training sessions with participants.
  • Planning, designing and applying appropriate project management standards for incorporation and monitoring of the project.
  • Ensuring all reporting deliverables are completed and sent to the project coordinator for final reviews.
  • Managing Project administration, supporting and guiding on ground team whenever required.
  • Support project team in showcasing their project achievements by highlighting and documenting success stories and project impact.
  • Assist in time-to-time development of internal and external communication and standard presentation for projects.
  • Assist in development of human-interest stories, writing blogs and press releases if required by the project.
  • Arrange weekly meetings with the project staff to update, guide and re-arrange for any schedules, plans or implementation activity for the project.
  • Ensure participants receive adequate mentoring and at times participating in as the mentor where required.
  • Guide the program team on effective and creative mobilization techniques for the community.
  • Meet with the project coordinator for queries, concerns, program follow-ups and changes in schedules if any.

Eligibility Criteria

Education: Bachelors within any field of management and/or relevant work experience compensating for program requirements.
Work Experience: 2-5 Years
Skills: Strong Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, Writing Skills,

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