Project Officer

3 years ago
Ibrahim Hyderi, Karachi
Full Time

Job Description

  •  Attend and actively participate in the full duration of the Training, which will be conducted in July.
  •  Assist to Project Coordinator in leading the program.
  •  Engage with the community, dealing and dialogue with community stakeholder.
  •  Ensuring the timeline of all the deliverables and envisioning all the activities.
  •  Responsible for timely delivery of the activities.
  •  Create planners for monthly training sessions with participants with reference to “Trainers Resource Material” which will be provided.
  •  Cover the Conducted monthly training sessions with participants. Broadly speaking, one Lead Trainer will work together with Co Trainer to train 3 groups (roughly a total of 70-90 participants). 3 days of training will be provided per month per group.
  •  Arrange the communication and help engage all participants in mentoring meetings. (Mentoring meetings will involve discussions with small groups of participants to provide support and personalized learning as they implement their field work.)
  •  Assist in collecting assignments given to participants during training. (The lead trainer will be responsible to review these and offer supportive feedback).
  •  Assess the level of engagement of participants in order to: identify general needs, strengths and interests within the training group in regards to program’s objectives; identify success stories among the participants which can be shared on a common platform; identify participants who are having difficulties and offer them the needed attention.
  •  Assist the program team to mobilize community and generate dialogue to create an enabling environment for the AeN.
  •  Maintain documents and report to Program Officer.
  •  Maintain data in soft copy with support of program team.
  • Assist the program team in Mobilizing, Enrolling and Registering youth in center.
  •  Arrange and Maintain meetings and records of SAPs/ campaigns etc.
  •  Produce weekly reports on all activities.
  •  Support the Training Assistant(s) to ensure all logistic arrangements for training sessions are handled properly.
  •  Meet on a weekly basis with Training Supervisor to assess general progress of training groups, evaluate quality of program delivery, and submit needed reports.
  •  Meet on a monthly basis with all other training teams for reflection, experience sharing, and on-going professional development.


Eligibility Criteria

  •  Education: Bachelors in the field of Education (preferable), or relevant humanities (possible): Social Sciences, Philosophy, and Psychology.
  • Work Experience: at least 3-5 Years.
  • Skills: Strong command on report writing and verbal communication, content development and strong command on MS Office.
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