Lead – Trainer

1 year ago
Ibrahim Hyderi, Machar Colony, Nawabad
Full Time
  • LOE: 100%

Job Description


Mobilization (TBD)

  • Mobilizing to get the right and potential participants for the program.
  • Building positive relationship with community stakeholders and parents.
  • Conduct community visits to assist the SAP implementation and promote the program.



  • Make lesson plans for modules on a monthly basis.
  • Create database of the additional module materials.
  • Adapt with the training content as per participants need.


  • Develop monthly training planner
  • ¬†Deliver the training and achieve the learning outcomes of the modules.
  • Guide and build SAP projects of the participants.
  • Visit SAP projects and report/ measure the impact.


  • Prepare weekly/monthly/training/SAP reports as per program standard
  • ¬†Write success story blog for AeN.
  • Provide monthly feedback at the content.
  • Provide a monthly training reflection.
  • Record the impact and success stories of the participant.


  • Develop participants assessment tools.
  • Conduct participants evaluation.
  • Conduct mentoring meetings with the youth groups to help them achieve SAP goals.
  • Meet parents and briefing them about SAP and how they can contribute.
  • Troubleshoot the challenges from parents/community together with the program team.


  • Create the youth database.
  • Help the supervisor/host organization with signature events.

Eligibility Criteria


Education: Bachelors in the field of Management/Social Sciences/Liberal Arts.
Work Experience: at least 3-5 Years..
Skills: Strong command training and content delivery, report writing including success story, article and blogs, excellent verbal communication and strong command on MS Office.

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