Graphic Designer

1 year ago
Full Time

Job Description

  • This position will be responsible for designing all IEC material, activities promotional material, supporting beneficiaries within social campaign and provide aesthetics to digital posts for the promotion of the program activities, social action projects, and the additional content promoting peace messages on the basis of the program.
  • The Graphic Designer will be directly responsible for:

Conceptualizing visuals based on activity requirements.

Develop illustrations, logos, and other designs using software.

Produce SAP’s and Film poster design.

Developing concepts, graphics, and layouts for product illustrations and logos for local communities.

Preparing rough drafts of material based on an agreed brief.

  • The Graphic Designer will be designing the IEC Materials, Program Branding Material, and the entire layout presented on the digital media for the first two months of the program.
  • During the second phase of three months, the Graphic Designer will be responsible for generating peace messages, post templates, and promoting the training learning and program outputs of local communities.
  • Finally, during the last 4 Months, the Graphic Designer will be responsible to design the posters and graphics for Social Action Projects, Campaigns, and Films. Further, the Graphic Designer will also be designing invitations to stakeholders, leaders and supporting organizations for the dialogues, discussions, and festival. In addition the entire banners, posters, and graphics for the festival itself.

Eligibility Criteria

Experience: Bachelor degree in graphic design or equivalent

Qualification: 5-6 years relevant experience


Familiarity with design software e.g. InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop

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