Center Coordinator

1 year ago
Ibrahim Hyderi, Machar Colony, Nawabad
Full Time
  • LOE: 100%

Job Description

  • Center coordinator for all online and offline work that is accomplished by Azme Naujawan.
  • Network Coordination of broader network of collaborating organizations.
  • Assist in management and coordination of activities
  • To help the Project officer in achieving the program objectives.
  • Supervise the youth center.
  • Conduct weekly and monthly events, seminar and workshops at youth center.
  • Ensure the smooth and optimum function of the youth center, using personal initiative to positively push the project further.
  • Plan and discuss the performance of the youth center in weekly meetings.
  • Create a detailed yearly event plan for the youth center.
  • To support Project Coordinator as well as other team project in achieving all the deliverables outlined in project schedule/operational plan and from time to time may act as defined by the project/MAP team which may be in addition to the duties outlined above.

Eligibility Criteria

Education: Bachelors in the field of Management/Social Sciences/Liberal Arts
Work Experience: at least 3-5 Years..
Skills: Strong command communication, event management and database building skills. Should poses strong community linkages.

This job is Expired