Chattai School – A Story of Persistence

There are million of children across Pakistan for whom learning is challenging enough. However, in area that are underprivileged or underserved, an additional hurdle such a disability can prove too difficult to overcome. Children with disabilities can face multiple forms of exclusion often limiting their participation in their community. It can also mean they don’t go to school or they aren’t given the support that they need. Ignorance or lack or resources is a real issue.

Shahbaz Balouch is from Ibrahim Hyderi whose story shows the transformative impact of inclusive education. He is Student of AzmeNaujawan training program. Shahbaz mainly emphasize on community education and social development in Ibrahim Hyderi. Due to lack of knowledge his parents didn’t give him polio vaccines because of this he become disabled. His parents are illiterate and not stable enough to give him proper education but he took this challenge positively. Chataai School is a project and dream for Shahbaz. On Sunday 14th April 2019 Qaiser Balouch inaugurated “Chataai School” for under privileged children, he is philanthropist and works for welfare of community. It is said that Parents and children learn through the arts on this day Team AzmeNaujawan conducted an art activity in which Parents took part enthusiastically. Furthermore Shahbaz Balouch wants to work for his community. Shahbaz is slowly challenging the false beliefs regarding the potential and capability of children and adults with disabilities by becoming role model to others.

The chairman of UC Rafiq Balouch provided space for students who are seeking for religious and modern education. It is a great success for the school that 50 student in Madrassa (religious Education) are enrolled in morning and 40 students are registered in evening class for informal education (Modern Education).It is School and community services are critical component of creating a positive school discipline culture; its integrated focus is on academics and social services. Shahbaz Balouch main aim is to achieve safe, supportive and stable environment for community of Ibrahim Hyderi. Drug addiction becomes the serious problem around, it has adopted by youngsters of Ibrahim Hyderi and the area was of school was occupied by drug users but now the youth is working to make Ibrahim Hyderi drug free. This area was initially used by the drug addicts which was forcefully emptied to ensure that the children remain safe and far from the addiction. For mobilization Shahbaz have selected door-to-door approach with his 4-team mates. People have made aware about the Chataai School and classes, which are going to be conducted in school. People were encouraged to get themselves enrolled to make difference in their lives.

Shahbaz Baloch believes that education create a level playing field for everyone regardless of gender, class, ethnicity, location and religion. Shahbaz is nominated for “Sindh Pride Award” happening on 27th August 2017 in Karachi Arts Council, it is huge achievement for him. This achievement has led him to support the children who want to study in this area and played a significant role in educating them for the good of the society.

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